The Children’s Church Ministry is a worship service structured for this age group, teaching the Plan of Salvation through studying and learning about Jesus Christ.  The children are taught in fun and creative ways, using tools to make their worship service meaningful, while encouraging and inviting them to explore all the wonders that God has for them.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To teach Biblical lessons that include such things as scripture, memory verses, discussion questions, appropriate arts and crafts, and other activities.
  • To teach and mentor the children as they grow spiritually and increase their Biblical knowledge.
  • To teach and motivate the children to learn about Jesus Christ, what it means to be saved, and to understand the commitment they are making when they choose to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • To teach the children how God works within them to know right from wrong, to understand the meaning of the word “conscience” and how to get in touch with their conscience.
  • To help the children build a strong and spiritual foundation for their teen and adult years.
  • To assist them to believe that God loves them and has a purpose for each of them.
  • To instill in them a love for the church and to know that the church has a place for them.


With the exception of officers, church membership is not required.